Here at Metuchen Vision, we know how important proper eye care is. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service so you can have the vision you deserve.

We truly believe in routine eye examinations so that you can see as clearly as possible. Once you have to get glasses or contacts, it is even more important to watch the health of your eyes. You also need routine checks to ensure your prescription has not changed.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We recommend a yearly eye exam to ensure your eyes are remaining healthy.

During your appointment, we will review your eye health and medical history, check your vision, do a refraction to get your clearest possible vision, and check the overall health of your eyes, including testing for glaucoma and cataracts.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

Many people prefer to wear contacts in addition to glasses. If you are interested in contact lenses, please let your eye doctor know prior to your appointment. During your exam, we will discuss the various contact lenses available and determine the best option based on your individual needs and lifestyle.
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Myopia Management

Myopia Management is used to slow down the progression of myopia (nearsightedness), empowering our children to live life without depending on ever-changing glasses or contact lens prescriptions, and decrease myopia-related risks. In the U.S. 40% of kids have myopia, compared to just 20% 30 years ago, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology. It’s important to care for our children’s eyes early. During early development, there are measures that can be taken to prevent pervasive decline of vision.
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Glaucoma occurs from damage to the eye’s optic nerve and can often lead to loss of vision and blindness. To detect glaucoma, our highly trained doctors will perform a proper screening to determine severity, examine the damage, and help you manage your glaucoma.

Early detection of glaucoma is crucial in preventing vision loss and blindness; the earlier the better. However, there is no official cure for glaucoma. There are several treatment methods that manage, slow down, or halt the process. Treatment for glaucoma will vary depending on the stage and severity for each individual patient.

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Children's Eye Care

So many children today have myopia (nearsightedness) worldwide that it is being considered an epidemic. COVID-related lockdowns and the associated increase in screen time have dramatically accelerated the rate of myopia development and progression in children.

In children with myopia, the eyeball grows too long, which results in blurry distance vision. Typically the eye continues to grow until a child is finished with formal education. For many years, parents had no option but to watch their children’s eyes worsen from year to year, buying stronger and stronger glasses. Today, we can intervene and slow the progression of myopia with safe and effective treatment options. Let us identify what needs to be done now, to ensure your child’s healthy eyes for life.

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Glasses are an important part of your style and personality, and not all glasses are created equal. Materials, craftsmanship and design all make a difference in how well your glasses will fit and feel. We have carefully selected eyeglasses for high quality and wearable styles, at a range of prices to appeal to everyone.

We know that there are lots of places to get glasses– we hope you will see what we offer and want to get your glasses with us!