For Kids

See what we can do now, to protect your child’s eyes for the future!

At Metuchen Vision, we take care of our patients the way we’d want to be taken care of. We hope you will allow our eye doctors to take care of you and your family.

It is important to get your kids’ eyes checked early on, as many correctable vision issues can be addressed when they are young. This will help ensure that your child has the best possible vision for learning and development.

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Woman with glasses

Ages 0-6 (Monitor)

Usually, kids at this age don’t need glasses… yet.  There are exceptions, but truly this span of time is about prevention.  Patients should see an eye doctor to establish a relationship, make sure everything is healthy and that there’s nothing going on visually that’s going to get in the way of them learning about the world, and getting a great education.

Ages 7-12 (Adjust)

It’s fairly common for kids to get the first pair of glasses at this age, and this is the age where we typically see the most rapid progression. The important thing here is that an issue is picked up right away and that our doctors can address it quickly, to get your child to see clearly. If it were our children, we’d treat at the first sign of myopia, and we want nothing different for our patients!

Ages 13-19 (Prevent Progression)

Vision can keep changing throughout the late teen years, even into early 20’s (usually for as long as kids are in school!) so it’s important that treatment continues.  Kids’ lifestyles are also changing – they are getting into higher level sports or getting more specific with their interests and some kids end up changing treatment modalities as a result.