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Here at Metuchen Vision, we are dedicated, caring and we put our patients’ eye health first.  We’re serious when we say we love eye care. The eyes are everything! They are life. If it sounds like we’re a little obsessed, it’s because we are.


Love, Metuchen Vision

Our Eye Doctor, And So Much More

Meet Dr. Tobin Ansel

Dr. Tobin Ansel is a graduate of University of Pittsburgh and SUNY College of Optometry.

His interest in eye care developed when he was in high school and was fit with overnight ortho-k contact lenses which stopped the progression of his nearsightedness and allowed him to see clearly without the need for glasses or contacts all day.

After he suffered an eye injury in college, and saw first-hand the difference that a skilled and caring doctor made in his comfort and well-being, he had no doubt that his career path would be optometry.

Dr. Ansel has a great interest in myopia management and has done significant research in this field. He is passionate about helping his patients keep their eyes healthy and happy for life.

Dr. Ansel is happy to see patients of all ages: from toddlers to adults to the young at heart.

Outside of work, he loves listening to music and working on cars.

Our Eye Doctor, And So Much More

Meet Dr. Sukhpreet Kahlon

Dr. Kahlon was born in New York and raised in central New Jersey. She graduated from Rutgers University – New Brunswick with a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences and a minor in psychology. She became interested in optometry when she met a visually impaired student on campus. She then joined the pre-optometry club during undergrad, where she was able to participate in providing vision screenings in her community. While applying to optometry school, she began working as an optometric technician, which allowed her to gain more exposure to the field.

Dr. Kahlon received her doctorate degree from SUNY College of Optometry. Her clinical training includes experience with treatment and management of ocular disease, surgical co-management, specialty contact lenses, myopia management, and low vision. Dr. Kahlon is excited to join Metuchen Vision and looks forward to providing exceptional eye care for her patients.

Doctor Valerie Danford

Our Eye Doctor, And So Much More

Meet Dr. Anthony Boyd

Dr. Anthony Boyd is originally from Old Bridge, NJ. He is a graduate of The George Washington University in Washington D.C, majoring in biology and double minoring in history and political science. He completed his doctorate in optometry at the State University of New York (SUNY) College of Optometry in 2021, and his residency in pediatric optometry and vision therapy at The Pennsylvania College of Optometry (PCO), Salus University. He is a faculty instructor at PCO.

While at SUNY, he was a member of Beta Sigma Kappa and held leadership positions with SPECtrum and the SUNY chapter of the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians. He also participated in volunteer initiatives with AOA on Capitol Hill and the New Jersey Special Olympics. During his time at PCO, he assisted in the clinical instruction of optometry students, attended and presented a poster at AAOA’s annual meeting, assisted in the care of patients in rehabilitation and hospital-based settings, and was involved in binocular vision and vision therapy-based research initiatives.

He is a member of the American Optometric Association and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. He has been the recipient of several academic and professional awards, including the 2021 Beta Sigma Kappa Award, the 2021 Good-Lite Pediatric Award, and the 2020 VSP/AAOF Practice Excellence Scholarship Award.

He is excited to join the Metuchen Vision team and considers it a full-circle moment. His interests lie heavily in pediatric optometry and vision therapy, as well as in the legislative aspects of the optometric profession. He is a firm believer in comprehensive eye care for all children, and the importance of these exams in pre-school and school-aged patients. He understands optometrists’ unique role in educating parents, communities, and legislators that visual needs for children encompass more than just having 20/20 eyesight. Optometry is more than giving glasses– it includes assessments of binocular vision, visual efficiency, ocular health, and visual processing. He hopes to continue spreading this message through private, public, legislative, and academic channels.

In his free time, Dr. Boyd likes to travel, dance, go to the beach, ski, do archery, spend time with friends and family, and watch his favorite movies and TV shows (including Harry Potter, Marvel, and Schitt’s Creek).

Our Eye Doctor, And So Much More

Meet Dr. Chani Miller

I started to think about becoming an optometrist in high school after seeing the incredible results of vision therapy on my brother’s strabismus (eye turn). The dream was solidified two years later when I experienced the eye-opening wonder of being fit with contact lenses (who knew that leaves had spines?). A native New Yorker, I attended Brooklyn College and did my undergraduate research at their Infant’s Vision Center, graduating in 1989 summa cum laude with honors in psychology. In 1993 I graduated from S.U.N.Y. Optometry and joined Park Eye Center in 1995.

I am a member of the American Optometric Association, and the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians and I am a diplomate of the American Board of Optometry. I am married to the guy that sat next to me in history class on the first day of college, and together we have raised two amazing daughters. When I am not seeing patients I enjoy swimming, yoga, reading, and writing. I am also addicted to yarn, and as a serious knitter/crocheter, I am always thrilled when patients come in with their projects so we can swap ideas and patterns. Together with the incredible staff at Metuchen Vision, my goal is to help every patient experience clear vision through healthy, beautiful eyes.

Dr Chani Miller, OD